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Your beloved Independent Bangalore Escorts once again comes up with another romantic night experience she shared with one of her sophisticated clients.  Excited to know? Alight, let’s unfold the experience.  It was chilly winter time when I got a call from one my clients named Saurabh. First, he asked the erotic services which I offer and then book my 1 hour session scheduled at 10 pm. It was an outcall service, so I had to reach his place to offer my services. From 8, I started preparing myself and when the clock strikes 9, I left my place and head out to his place. On reaching his place, I almost got freeze, like somebody isolated me by putting me in a big slab of ice. I rang the door bell of his house. Within couple of seconds he opened the door and welcomed me to his house. He saw that I was shivering badly so he immediately brings two cups of coffee.  

After taking coffee, I feel somewhat better but not to that level & he can see that clearly. After exchanging pleasantries for a couple of minute, he opened a bottle of red wine. Within 2 shots my body comes to the normal temperature. I took one more shot and after this it is burning inside me. I become hotter from inside. Now, I was completely ready to offer Bangalore escorts services. It’s my turn to return the favor and I did in the most amazing manner.I asked him to sit to the couch and just watch me.I played a romantic song and started dancing erotically on it. While dancing, I started taking off clothes one by one.When the song finished, I came to my undergarments. By making a naughty gesture, I asked him to come closer to me.  He at once catches my signal and did the same.He came closer to me, grabbed my tits in his hands started squeezing them hard.He was squeezing, teasing and biting as hard as he could to arouse the orgasm.Then, he started kissing all over the creamy soft body.  Initially, we placed tonsil hockey for a couple of minutes then he reached to bottom.After eating me out down my stomach, he stood up.

Climax Of The Most Romantic Night Enjoyed By Sikha Client 

Now, with a quick pace I unbuckled his belt and unhook his jeans button which let his jeans fall down the floor. Without wasting any more time, I pulled his underwear revealing his full hard on. It was almost ready to bang on. And, I also want the same. So, I spread my legs wide and allow it to enter inside my kitty. A great moan was came out of my mouth when he was going faster and faster. After enjoying sexual encounter in various positions, he came all over my body. I licked his juice and gave him a naughty smile. When we finished, he told me that it was one of the most memorable moments of his life which he will never ever forget in his life.  

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